My blog was created as part of my University degree, acting as a central posting area for a large portion of my work and assessments. I’ve enjoyed creating a space to showcase what I’ve learned and created throughout my degree whilst also using the platform to cross-promote to my other University/Personal accounts and continue to build my online presence. My blog has given me experience in website creation and extensive written communication skills. You can access my Blog via the link below:



My Twitter account was created as part of my University degree – with the purpose of connecting us to our Bachelor of Communications and Media (BCM) community, including our lecturers, tutors and peers. Throughout my time at university, I have grown an authentic audience who are engaged in my work and what I choose to share on the platform. You can access my Twitter page via the link below:



My YouTube was also created as part of my University degree and is where I share some of my projects and content for various subjects. It’s main purpose is to hold content being marked by my tutors, however, provides a small insight into some of the work I have been creating over the course of my degree. My work visible on this platform are a small insight into my experience with graphics platforms such as Canva, video editing platforms such as iMovie as well as overall online persona as I am confident both speaking on camera as well as overlaying voice recordings. You can access my YouTube via the link below:


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