Links to each video essay: 3 part series

pt.1 | All About That Fashion, watch HERE

pt.2 | SHEIN, SHEIN, SHEIN, watch HERE

pt.3 | What will fast fashion look like in the next 10 years?, watch HERE

Conceptual Report

My project’s concept is to shed light into the world of fast fashion and what implications it has on the fashion industry. Fast fashion. Retailers such as SHEIN, have been able to drive down apparel prices while by and large expenses for retail products has kept on crawling increasingly elevated, further filling the buyer interest for modest stylish. My project was indented to look into the future of fast fashion and the impact it has on the fashion industry and where online shopping will be in 10 years time? How will fast fashion evolve/develop over time? Will the destructive environmental impact that fast fashion causes continue or will fast fashion come to a dead end for good? These were all questions that I was curious about and lead me to develop my DA which I knew would be of great interest to my target audience. My target audience is aimed towards university-aged fashion consumers, as they typically want to make more ethical purchases. I believe that my DA has answered all the above questions and more. I also believe that my DA has reached to a wider audience than just my suggested target audience and the feedback was positive from my pitch, to my beta, to my final DA. The feedback I have received after each uploaded video essay has been positive and it has been good to know that my followers and target audience are learning about new things they didn’t quite know about before. I wanted to showcase the dangers of fast fashion and how we as a team and a group of women interested in popular fast fashion brands, including SHEIN, can strive towards a better and more ethical change. I found that a lot of my audience really cared about the environment and was shocked to hear how bad fast fashion impacts the environment (video essay pt.3). However, shocked at this news, they were more so disappointed in themselves that some of them still shop with fast fashion retailers such as Forecver21, Zara and H&M. In my pitch video, I recommended a various amount of ethical fashion brands that many viewers found quite interesting and helpful. I even had viewers report back to me saying that they hadn’t of known about these ethical brands before and had no idea that there were so many, they will defiantly look into their websites for a better and more ethical change. On another note, I believe that the future of fast fashion will not go anywhere too far anytime soon, however, I do see the future of fashion retailers upgrading their selling techniques by incorporating viral reality to virtually try on clothes online, seeing it on yourself will give customers that extra bit of confidence they need when buying blindly. I believe that this will be the major change and impact made into the fashion industry, especially fast fashion (since they are saving so much money already on cheap production), in 10 years time.

I believe that my DA addresses the DA focus in regards to pointing out the short-term and long-term implications of fast fashion in the future. Fast fashion, in the short run, will continue to succeed online, especially in this day and age, a lot of consumers, especially my targeted audience would not only want to shop ethically, but on the other hand, to shop reasonably and want to save money. Hence why I believe that fast fashion will continue the way it is, although I do not see it getting bigger overtime. I see fast fashion staying the same, and as we evolve more into the future, prices will go up and fashion production will become more ethically made. In the long term, virtual reality will defiantly become more a norm when shopping online and fast fashion will defiantly fade away, however, this still impacts the environment. Whilst fast fashion may be dialling down, customers want to start throwing away their cheap clothes and start purchasing new clothing from more ethically sourced brands, hence hindering our environment. According to an article written by Natasha Marsh, “Over half of fast fashion items are thrown away in under a year. When a shirt or pair of pants cost less than $20, it’s easily seen as disposable. As consumers, we feel more comfortable disposing of cheaper items than expensive ones – further hindering our planet (Marsh, 2020). ” So even though customers may be slowing getting sick of fashion fashion, in the next 10 years, the environmental impacts could only be getting worse!

Moreover, I continue to fear that consumers will have analysis paralysis. They will need to settle on better design decisions, yet with the plenty of data and disarray about which brands’ general assertions to accept, purchasers will not realize what to do and get overpowered. “At the point when a brand doesn’t convey what [people] may need in an in vogue decision or the value point is not even close to reasonable or moderate, they will at that point pick their pockets over their effect much of the time,”

At last, as shoppers, we have an enormous obligation in finishing quick design. As indicated by Renouf, “our mentality needs to move away from the way of life of moment delight and realism that frequently goes connected at the hip with misuse.” We need to put the uprightness and regard of piece of clothing laborers and the climate first, rather than burning-through to burn-through. “Purchase with your inner voice – something that is significant to you,” Leung supports. “Try not to go modest, on the grounds that that is not supporting whatever’s acceptable.”


Marsh, N., 2020. Will Fast Fashion Survive the Pandemic?. [online] Popsugar. Available at: <>

[Accessed 3 June 2021].

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