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Personally I love board games, you can never get board of a great game. However, how do games accomplish this? How are we so involved in these board games? This involvement can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Intuitive Gameplay
  • Meaningful Decisions
  • Variety in Gameplay
  • Defined Purpose

HOW TO PLAY (Among us: The Board Game)

To start, all colours must be in a circle in the meeting room around the emergency button whilst players gather around a table. Everyone must choose a colour and a task card to be kept secret (3 tasks). On the board, there will be a shuffled mix of the crewmate and imposter cards and a small pile of the dead body markers face down. Each player must chose a shuffled card, take a took, and keep it a secret. To start the game, the eldest person must ask everyone to close their eyes. Once all eyes are closed, they must ask the imposters to open their eyes so they can see who each other are so they will not kill each other, all eyes will be closed again. Each person will take their turn in age order (eldest to youngest). Once a player has finished their turn, they can simply click their fingers and everyone will close their eyes again and the next person will take their turn. Each player has two emergency meetings, they can call this at anytime. If an emergency meeting is called or a dead body is reported, the player who called it must return everyone’s character token to the meeting room. The play board will have 24 tasks indicated by numbers in each room.

Imposter Play

The imposter will role both die, one white and one black die, the highest role on either die will be played. The imposter must move according to the dice roll and will follow the square girds marked on the board. They can move to any space on the board since they do not have any tasks. If they reach a crewmates token, they can make a kill by placing a dead body token underneath their token and then have the choice to vent in another room if there is a vent.

Crewmate Play

A crewmate will roll both dice but follow the dice roll of the 6 sided white die despite it being a higher or lower roll then the black one (only imposters have that power). They will also follow the square grids on the board and try to make it to their first task.  If they did not roll high enough, they will have to wait for their next turn. When a body is reported, simply yell out “MURDER”.

Voting (Anonymous and non-anonymous)

After decision time has ended, each player will cast a vote by getting a piece of paper and writing down a colour and placing it in a hat. Highest vote will be out, once voted out, they player will place their player card face up to reveal if they were a crewmate or imposter. You can also play the voting non-anonymously where’s everyone goes in a circle saying out loud who they will like voted off.


There will be 8 crewmates (3 tasks each), and 2 imposters

-Do not open your eyes unless it is your turn or told to do so, or an emergency meeting is called, or when a body is reported. Only one person is to open their eyes at a time when playing their turn.

-No talking unless in an emergency meeting

To call an emergency meeting, just yell out “Emergency Meeting.” (Emergency meeting is timed at 2 minutes)

If you are killed, you must lay your character colour on their side for the rest of the game (ghost). For the rest of the round, you are not allowed to move your piece. Ghost movement; can move up to 12 spaces. Ghosts cannot take part in any discussions.

Crewmates must role both die, but only go by the number rolled on the 6-sided die when taking their turn.

Each player must follow the grid spaces on the playboard. However, both die roles matter to the imposter; their movement ability is the maximum roll of either die. 

Imposters can jump to either blue vent on the board when landed on one or after killing a dead body.

When a crewmate completes their task, they must use their marker to fill in their task number on the whiteboard task bar.

A crewmate can check if another crewmate is dead by leaning on their space and checking underneath their token if there is a dead body marker. This is to be played only on your turn.

Imposters can self report on their turn and call emergency meetings. Crewmates do not have to report bodies.

What type of play is involved? (Lecture Wk 1)

Having a read through the lectures and other internet sourced materials, I came across multiple different types of game plays. Looking at the motives and objects for my Among us board game, I can confidently say that my board game falls under the category of Hidden Traitor game. Hidden Traitor games usually involve a group of players on a separate team against another, which is just like crewmates and imposters. They are usually played in larger groups and requires “players to question the loyalties motivations of others (Truong, 2021).” This incorporates everything Among us is about including lying, betrayal and lots of broken alliances, even with the ‘marinating’ of others. These type of games can be quick and fast paced, even though among us can sometimes be a lengthy game or end very quickly, it is extremely addictive and can be played over and over again which is why I believe this board game falls perfectly under the category of Hidden Traitor games for type of game play.


As mentioned in my target audience, twitch users would find the board game version very interesting and would defiantly want to test it out. Since the digital version is so popular, there is no doubt in my might that this would be of high interest to popular twitch users. Hence this, I could profit from showcasing this board game on the twitch streaming website and also benefit from paying popular users to review my board game and help raise small amounts of money from a large number of people. This would help bring the among us board game become more mainstream  and hopefully save up enough profits to create multiple production and sell the game in shopping centres and other places that sell board games such as Toymate.


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