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In this blog post, I will be reflecting upon the comments I made on 3 other beta presentations and the comments made on my own.

First Comment


I really enjoyed Charlea’s beta prestation and whole DA concept and plan, it was interesting and engaging in every way. Incorporating her uni work with her personally, outside of uni work is cleaver and makes it a whole lot easier, she used it very effectively to her advantage and came up with a great beta. Her concept is unique and different which is why I believe it is engaging and catches your attention right off the bat, in the first 30 seconds, I wanted more and I was drawn in. I look forward to seeing the final DA.

Second Comment

Perspective Photography – Charloltte Pierro

I really liked Charlotte’s idea and where she desires to go with it, her determination is great and I can see that even though she is not 100% sure of where things are heading, she defiantly has some great platforms for audience feedback. Her platforms of choice are great, especially reddit, although, I suggested to her to limit her plate a little as I believe that she has given herself a little too much to do. I suggested to cancel the blog posts and just focus on YT video essays 3-5min as she wanted to do both as well as reddit posts. I also would’ve liked to see a bit more information and background research on cloning itself. She suggested focusing on human and animal cloning and I also suggested that even though both are great (even gene cloning), that she should maybe focus on one as each topic of cloning has a lot of information and may be hard to put into 3-5 video essays unless each one was on a different type of cloning. She didn’t quite make that clear in her beta but that could possibly be her plan if it weren’t already. She also mentioned that she struggled to find information on cloning in the lecture materials, so I suggested to her an article which is a fact sheet in both human and animal cloning which she may find helpful. Overall, I am intrigued to see where it goes and what the finished DA will look like!

Third Comment

Mills – Amelia Raffo

I really liked Amelia’s idea, it is well developed, her beta presentation was structured nicely and she seems to be going well with everything moving forward. I found this concept was unique and an interesting read, I linked an article about the future of VR in art which included a great example she could use as a reference for the future. Something I would suggest and like to see and another student suggested as well was to include screenshots of an operational prototype. This is great, I loved the beta and pitch, I look forward to seeing the final DA.

My Feedback

I received one comment on my beta presentation by Weng, she seemed to be interested in my concept from the start and I was very happy to know that it was intriguing. She seemed to not know about the key brand I am studying which is SHEIN which is not a bag thing at all, it just means that the information I am providing is in fact informative. This will be more so interesting to people like Weng who haven’t heard of the brand before because generally learning about new things is exciting and interesting drawing my audience in. She suggested me an article about the prior rapid production and waste in the fast fashion history steering away from the updated and fast producing products you see now days. I looked into this article and it is always helpful to gather even more information on unethical practises and to see where and how fast fashion really started.


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