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In this blog post, I will be critically self-reflecting on the live-tweeting curation process through weeks 6-12. I will also be reflecting upon my previous tweeting curation and how I have improved since then, what I have changed and if my goals were achieved. Furthermore, I will be commenting on my tweet feedback in regards to comment, likes and reposts.

Reflection from the last tweet curation; (click HERE for Blog 1, Pt.1) 

From my last blog post, I mentioned that moving forward, my goals were to focus on improving my audience interaction and being more engaging with my peers. I planned to achieve this by incorporating more GIFS and images embedded into my tweets. I also took into account the length of my previous tweets and I stated in my last blog post that I would like to create more lengthy tweets involving more questions for my audience to respond to, leading to higher interactions. I definitely took note of this moving forward into my tweeting curation for weeks 6-12 and I have noticed a drastic change when I changed the tweets to be more question based instead of being open ended and informational tweets.

I still would tweet using sourced information but it wasn’t my main priority this tweeting curation block, I wanted to focus on more interactive elements that would engage my audience more. I did run into a slight issue with article sourcing regarding plagiarism which I will talk about further in my week 9 reflection. 

Week 9

In week 9, these goals that I set for myself were achieved throughout weeks 6-12, however, this was the week I gained the highest interactions. We watched Alita: Battle Angle, which was personally my favourite science fiction film, other than Blade Runner in week 6 this semester. In week 9’s lecture, we talked about cyberculture including cyborgs, androids and robots relating to our chosen film. The main questions I saw surfacing on twitter on this film during the live tweeting, were questions surrounded by Alita herself and whether or not she is in fact ‘human’. Here are some tweets that raised the questions surrounding this topic that I have retweeted and some of my own tweets.

These next three are responses in regards was a response to my own original tweet

This third response to my post was by Foxfire, he made a very interesting and real comment which made complete sense if you think about it. His comment made me think back to week 9’s lecture and a comment that was made by the lecturer in regards to cyborgs. 

“Prosthetics are a common way of understanding the cyborg, because to the able-bodied person the idea is that technology can stand in for the natural human body, but in reality we are already cyborgs…

“Understanding that we are already cyborgs is the first step for understanding the cyborg.” 

Here is the post that started it all

This was one of my highest interactive posts with 38 likes, 8 retweets and 3 comments.

These are some more examples which are really good examples of how I enhanced interaction with my audience through less informative text and more questions and polls.

This tweet was my favourite with the highest engagement tweet of week 9 and was very fun to see the reactions, retweets and comments to this post.

Below you will see my engagement with other uni students and how my goals for the tweeting curations have succeeded in my aim for audience interactions. 

I had a bit of an issue in regards to using internet sourced information to curate some of my tweets that were not original. My tutors brought this issue up in regards to copying word for word without using quotation marks or not linking the source. I took their notes for the future and moving forward I will be more aware of plagiarism and will try my best to use more original tweets such as the ones linked above and link to the sources. 

Here are some final tweets that didn’t do so well:

Overall, looking back at my critical evaluation of week 9 and how I went with my tweeting curation between the weeks of 6-12, I can say with confidence that I definitely improved and achieved my goals. From my first curation blog post to this post, I improved by taking more notes and paying more attention to the lectures, providing more GIFS, images and memes for a more light-hearted, interactive approach. In doing so, I created higher engagement and discovered new perspectives. I found it very different from my first curation although it was a more enjoyable and better experience.

Thank you

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