BCM300 | Assessment 1, Pt.2

So I am very certain that many of you have heard of or even played the digital online, addictive game, Among Us. If so, can you imagine Among Us being transformed into a board game? I sure can, why you may ask? I didn’t give myself the opportunity to be a part of a group for the group component of this subject and upcoming assessment tasks due to absence. In saying this, I contacted subject coordinator and tutor, Chris Moore, and we both agreed to arrange my own personal assessment to make up for the group project. After brainstorming with a few ideas, I was given the choice to either create a brand new board game or to give a review on an already pre-existing one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do the digital popular version Among Us, although, when my tutor and subject coordinator came up with the great idea to transform this popularized game into a board game, I quickly became on board with the idea. Although, this will be a challenge, I am more than excited to start transforming the digital version into a board game and I have great instincts that this will not only be a challenging assignment to remember, but will be of great interest to multiple audiences, such as my fellow university classmates in this subject.

To be honest, my contribution to this class may have been little and unbalanced, although moving forward, I aim to focus solely on my Amung Us tranformationative board game and my final Dossier due in week 13. I can’t speak much on my contribution in a group setting for the group projects as discussed earlier due to the reason given, although, I would like to use this assessment task wisley and talk about my individual contribution to this class discuss what I plan on doing moving forward in regards to my personal replacement assignment on Among Us.

My individual contribution has been little as mentioned earlier, due to work commitments and travel implications, I haven’t been able to attend in-class discussions. Since the start of the semester, I have been attending online discord sessions when I can on a Friday at 8:30am. I have been listening to upcoming assessment tasks and what is expected of me. I have tried my best to include myself in the online discord chats and discussions. Last week, we had to give feedback to groups on campus in the classroom printing out materials for their project. I did contribute some feedback to the group’s projects. One of the comments I mentioned in the discord chat when the tutor asked for feedback was to change the font and colour of their instruction manual to be more viable and bold as it was a little difficult to read. Moving forward, I will try my very best to be more attentive and talkative during class discussions whilst providing feedback to my fellow classmates doing the group projects.

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At its centre, Among Us is a game about teamwork, where you cooperate to sort out who can and can’t be trusted inside the gathering of players. This can be an advantage as it helps sharpen children’s rationale and social abilities, particularly during when children might be stuck at home and needing socialization. Even though I am not personally contributing to a group project, the game itself is all about team work and communication, which I believe fits in perfectly with the subject and this assignment. Among Us is essentially a game of survival, where you either need to cast a ballot off all the imposters and complete every one of the tasks, and the imposter needs to execute the entirety of the crewmates or prevent them from finishing the assigned undertakings to win. To convert this into a board game, I think my biggest challenge will be how to set up this board game so there is anonymous killings, in other words, how will the imposters make a kill through on a board game layout without the crewmates knowing. I need to establish a layout where characters can move about freely, also, I need to think about how will timing work with emergency meetings? How will voting ballads work? There are a lot of components that are essential in Among Us digital that I need to transform onto board game format.

I already have gathered a few ideas such as: 

  • Having small white boards handed out to each player to cast a vote and put into a hat where a host will then read out the votes and take a tally. 
  • At the beginning of a game, to establish who is the crewmate and who is the imposter, I can have cards that each person will select randomly and secretly to determine their role. The players can decide amongst themselves whether they would like to play with 1, 2, or 3 (Max) imposters. 
  • The online version offers anonymous or non-anonymous voting. For non-anonymous voting in this board game setting, instead of placing votes into a hat or box, they can be played on the table for everyone to see. 
  • Since we are playing a board game and not a digital game, to know if you voted out the right person or not, when a person is voted out, they will reveal to everyone their card in the beginning where their role was determined. 
  • I will create task cards with a tick of boxes that are laminated so they can be wiped off when crossing or tickling a task off once completed
  • Possibly having 3 board game layouts to cater for the different scenes you can choose on the online version (this is only if I have enough time, otherwise I will stick with the classic board game layout and setting).

I hope this sounds intriguing to everyone and it is something that would be of interest to others, I know this is something I look forward to creating.  

Thank you.

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