Peer Commentary and Self-reflection | BCM325 Part A

In this post, I will be commenting on peers pitch videos and giving them feedback through a detailed response using suggested articles and reflecting on my own personal feedback I received on my pitch video and how I can improve my DA for the future.

My first comment I made was for Bella Creswick on her DA topic, Future Feed: How we will be eating in 2030

Bella talks about the future of food in 2030 and how we will be eating, what will have changed, and what new technologies could be invented?. I really liked her concept as it is unique and I haven’t seen anybody else do anything remotely similar so I am intrigued to follow along with her DA and see where it goes!

She intends on creating 3 video essays, similar to my DA, but also using Instagram as a platform to showcase her great cooking skills but for the main purpose of uploading her “fortune feast” to her Instagram page to gather two channels of feedback. I suggested Bella some articles on the adoptions of technologies such as 3D printing, lab-grown meat, robot chefs, the blockchain. This article by Christopher McFadden goes into depth on the adoption of these newer technologies and the effect of the environment. I believed that this could help her with the third video essay topic, “Environmental Projections”. I also suggested her another article by Dr Stuart Farrimond linking it to her second video essay topic on “Nutritional Feeds”. It talks about the future of nutritional changes and the future of tailoring foods to your genome in 2028.

My second comment was for Hayden Curley on his topic, Sustainable Footprint talking about humanities impact on the environment and in particular, what effect the human consumption will have in 10 years time.

I especially loved listening to Hayden’s pitch due to the music in the background, also the fact that it was all very concise, well spoken and well-structured. I suggested him a scholarly article and an article on 10 different environmental films to inspire him moving forward in his DA and hopefully gather some useful research between the two. I could tell that he was very passionate about the topic and that he is genuinely interested in his chosen topic. I look forward to see where his DA goes!

My third and final comment was for Casey Erin on her DA, The Million Dollar Idea: The Future of Cryptocurrency.

I found her DA topic interesting but also a tricky one compared to the others I evaluated. Even though there is a lot of information and articles on this certain topic, I could tell that Casey is struggling a little on how to formulate and how she would structure all the information together for a DA project. I suggested her some articles and a link to a video by the VISA CEO to hopefully give her some extra background research and extra reliable information to kick start her DA!

On another note, here are some of the comment suggestions made on my own pitch video:

Inside the Ugliness of Fast Fashion | BCM325 DA Pitch

A lot of the comments made mentioned the unclear note of past, present and near future and suggested to just stick with focusing on the future fast fashion but possibly going into a bit of depth in mentioning the history of fast fashion. Many believed that this would help me to understand the topic a bit better and understand it on a more in-depth level the target audience wouldn’t necessarily think about. They also said that it would help me to talk about findings regarding the future of fast fashion as I can relate back to the history of fast fashion and talk about the changes made and what can be done for the future. Some suggested really useful and interesting articles on the past history of fast fashion that I will defiantly look into. Moreover, pretty much everyone that commented was interested and intrigued in my topic as a lot of fast fashion brands, especially SHEIN always pops up on their Facebook page. Some didn’t know some brands they loved are labelled as a fast-fashion retailer such as Zara. It was interesting and exciting going through all the comments I received on my page and after going though them all and evaluating others blog, I will defiantly be making minor changes to my DA project moving forward and taking in all suggestions making improvements for success.

Thanks, G

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