The world of marketing has consistently intrigued me, the process of creating an entire campaign around a specific item or administration that attracts new audiences or recapture an existing audience is a skill I’ve endeavoured to acquire. A few of these abilities incorporate relational, inventive and innovative abilities however above all; cooperation capacities. In this case study, I will be critically outlining and evaluating specific examples of professional collaboration strategies and approaches used in the media in regards to small business marketing. To be able to accurately attempt this, I will be interviewing a working professional inside the Marketing and Social media field to comprehend and assess their particular procedures and strategies when collaborating. while teaming up. 


I will be critically analysing the graphic design marketing and collaborative work of Christopher Doyle & Co, an independent creative studio based in Sydney. The company helps create intelligent and thriving businesses, governments and communities. They use their marketing abilities to promote and bring insight on their company image and what they are trying to do. The businesses expertise’s focus on brand identity, including visual and verbal character, naming and creative design,  campaigning and collaborative work and advanced plan. They are known to collaborate with journalists, strategists, photographers, motion designers, influencers, as well as developers and engineers to work with an assorted scope of organizations and brands across different stages. The company strives to deliver on the promise of technology and human integrity. The company also helps to create intelligent and thriving businesses, governments and communities. They use their marketing abilities and popular social status (35.4k on Instagram), to promote and bring insight on their company image and what they are trying to achieve. Dole states: “We want to create work that communicates. Work that is appropriate. Work that is considered, accessible and unique. Work that helps make things simpler and smarter. We want to make products and brands more helpful, more beautiful, and more fun. We want to think before we act. We want to work with people, not for people. We want to be part of change” (Christopher Doyle & Co., n.d.). 


I will be interviewing Christopher Dole, the company’s founder of Christopher Doyle & Co, an internationally recognised designer with over 18 years experience. Doyle has worked at some recognised Australia leading brands and design agencies. His design work has won Nemours local and international awards, as well as being globally used as the basics for educational material. He also appeared in feature articles for Desktop Magazine, creative Review and Grafik Magazine. In 2011, his work was selected to be incorporated into the Graphic Design exhibition co-organised by the Walker Art Centre in Minneapolis and the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design.


Christopher Doyle & Co have collaborated with many universal brands such as Spotify and worked with clients such as Deluca Coffee, Tom Mark Henry and The Institute of Many.



  1. How did you get started in your career? 
  2. Who were the biggest influencers/motivators in your life? 
  3. Why is this field of work of interest to you and how did that interest initially spark? 
  4. What’s your favourite collaboration project and why?
  5. What was your proudest moment?
  6. Has there been a time where you were responsible for setting strategic vision and overseeing a team to execute it? What were the results?
  7. What advice would you give to somebody who wants to start their own business?



Christopher Doyle & Co. n.d. Home — Christopher Doyle & Co.. [online] Available at: <https://christopherdoyle.co/>

 [Accessed 27 March 2021]

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