BCM300 | It’s all fun and games!

Games are an integral part of all cultures, and are probably the most established type of human social interaction. Games are formalized articulations of play which permit individuals to go past quick creative minds and direct physical activity. Regular highlights of games incorporate vulnerability of result, settled upon rules, rivalry, separate spot and time, components of fiction, components of possibility, endorsed objectives and individual happiness. Games catch the thoughts and perspectives of their societies and pass them on to future generations. Games were significant as social and social holding occasions, as showing devices and as markers of economic well being.

Epic Games Store Update

All through weeks 1-4 I have experienced via discord students trial and play new games expanding their knowledge on some classics. It has been incredibly fascinating to perceive how those respond to instructions and how they respond, communicate and interact with others playing in a group environment. Considering, nowadays, we are so used to directions being on the web or clarified through video, it was intriguing to perceive how everybody responds to an inconspicuous change. There was additionally a nostalgic segment to these tutorials reminiscing on childhood memories. I was never into many videos growing up unlike my brother. Through the gaming experiences I gained in the tutorials so far, it confirmed to me that nothing beats classic board games and face-to-face interactions.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be involved in any on-campus, face-to-face gaming session, I participated in online game sessions instead. I experienced some gaming sessions using the app based games recommended to us using my phone. Some of the games I trialled include:

Card Thief: In Card Thief you travel through a deck of cards as a thief. You get to sneak and hide in the shadows, quench lights, pickpocket monitors and take significant fortunes without getting captured.

Forbidden Island: Two to four players play the parts of various explorers, moving around a puzzling island, searching for covered up treasures as the island sinks around them. They must retrieve four treasures:(The Earth Stone, the Crystal of Fire, the Statue of the Wind, and the Ocean Chalice). All players win on the off chance that they track down every one of the secret fortunes and they all make it back to the helicopter and fly away, and they all lose in the event that they can’t.

Ticket to Ride: Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train adventure in which players gather and play coordinating with train cards to guarantee railroad courses associating urban areas all through North America. The more drawn out the courses, the more focuses they acquire.

In week 3, I played a PC/Stream digital/app and board game called Galaxy Trucker, a tile laying game that plays out over two phases: building and flying. The goal is to have the most credits at the end of the game. I purchased the game for $7.99 on the IOS app store and got playing immediately!

Galaxy Trucker – Analysis of game play

Once I downloaded and opened the game, the first thing I did was create my profile. It asked me my favourite colour, gender (female and male options), right or left handed, create a username and to choose a profile picture from one of their avatars. Once I completed my profile, I read through the rules menu, the categories were: Game Overview, Building the Ship, The Flight, Adventure Cards, Journey’s End, Campaign, Turn-based Game, Online Game and Alien Technologies. I appreciated the thorough menu to ensure players completely understand the game play and how to do so, it made it a lot easier for myself. I believe that these detailed instructions affect the game play of the individual as when I tried playing the game before looking at the instructions I was completely lost. I went back to the rules menu and went through it thoroughly, I then proceeded to the tutorial video which was brief. The avatar guiding me through was sassy and created some humour to the game, I liked it. There are 2 game play modes: Single Player and Multiplayer. Single player; Campaign, Custom Game, Tutorial and Multiplayer; Pass & Play, Online Game. 

Initially, I was very confused even after reading the rules and going through the tutorial game play mode in single player. I was lost on the whole purpose of the game as it is very simple yet complex. I don’t understand the concept very much, found it boring, I slowly started to get into it a little although I just couldn’t see myself playing this game on a regular basis. This is possibly due to the fact that I may not have played it long enough, I spent roughly 30minutes to an hour 3 times that week. I can see why people would like the game, I think it’s comparable to a few other online/app-based games where the main goal is to build a finished product. Moving forward I will try to play it for longer segments or more often and see if my feelings toward the game improve.

Overall, I am enjoying this subject so far and enjoying playing different games and learning about all the different game modes of each. Each game I have tried so far has been quite different so it’s a different experience each time.

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